Rubber Paste

The transparent rubber paste for Machine Printing is suitable for suitable for flat screen and rotary screen printing on blended fabrics such as plain woven cotton, T/C cloth, and polyester cloth.

Rubber Paste Technical Index

AppearanceLight yellow paste
Main ingredientsAcrylate copolymer
Ionic Anionic and non-ionic
PH value (25 ℃)7-8
Viscosity160,000-180,000 CPS (BH type ROTARY NO. 6 / 10rpm 25 ℃)
Environmental protectionOKEO-TEX -100 standard

Rubber Paste Features

Continuous printing for more than 4 hours is not easy to cause mesh clogging problem, and the screen is easy to clean

The hand feel is soft, clear and fresh

Washing fastness grade 3-4

Fastness of wet friction and dry friction grade 3-4

Pressure-viscosity grade 5

High performance cost

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