Reactive Dyes Printing Thickener

Reactive Dyes Printing Thickener is a new generation polymeric thickener recommended for reactive printing on Rayon/cotton. It can be used as an ideal product substitution to sodium alginate or gum.

Reactive Dyes Printing Thickener Technital Index

Componentacrylic polymers / polyacrylate emulsion
AppearanceThe milky white viscous liquid
Solid Content70±2%
Ph Value(25℃)7±0.5
PVI Value0.5

Reactive Dyes Printing Thickener Features

High quality concentrated thickener. Low using dosage (5% - 5.5%).

It can be used alone or mixed with sodium alginate in any proportion.

Easy and rapid for preparation, high rate of paste forming, and then saving time.

Ideal color yield and brightness save more than 20% reactive dyes than alginate sodium.

The excellent wash-off property, with a soft hand touch feeling.

Clear print outline, flat net without blocking the net.

Excellent leveling and uniformity. Free from screen choking problem.

Suitable different printing techniques on flat screen, rotary screen, and roller printing system.

Eco-friendly product.

Preparation of Stock Paste Application

ProductPercentage %Remark
YX-3165%The percentage of two products can be adjusted at any proportion. YX-316 also can be used alone.
Sodium alginate1%
Sodium hexametaphosphate0.3% 
Reserve salts1.5% 
Sodium bicarbonate5% 

Formula for Printing Paste Application

Product60% stock paste70% stock paste
Reactive dyesZ%Z%
Actual thickener dosage4.5%5.0%

Suitable printing machine rotary screen printing flat screen printing

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