Printing Thickener

Pigment Printing Thickener

An APEO and formaldehyde-free high concentration synthetic thickener for textile pigment printing. Printing pastes is producing more level and even prints, with higher color yield and brilliancy even on difficult to print fabrics such as single knits made with open-end yarns, and polyester-cotton woven fabrics.

Acrylic Acid Polymer Synthetic Pigment Printing Thickener PTG
Synthetic thickener for cotton fabric YX-318

Reactive Dyes Printing Thickener

Reactive Dyes Printing Thickener is a new generation polymeric thickener recommended for reactive printing on Rayon/cotton. It can be used as an ideal product substitution to sodium alginate or gum.

Disperse Dyes Printing Thickener

Disperse Dyes Printing Thickener is anionic acrylic polymer, serving as coloring carrier in fabric printing with dispersive dyes on polyester or polyester blended fabrics. Usually, it can take the place of other kinds of dispersive thickener, like CMT, CMC and CMS at much lower cost.

Disperse Dyes Printing Thickener Synthetic Thickener YX-816
Water-based Synthetic Thickener 1

Water-based Synthetic Thickener

The water-based synthetic thickener is an environmentally friendly and efficient thickener. It is suitable for general water-based thickening of water-based coatings, building material coatings, water-based release agents and other products.

Acid Printing Thickener

The acid printing thickener is a high-concentration, high-quality acid printing thickener is a polymer of acrylic monomers, is an anionic synthetic thickener, suitable for acid printing.

Textile Printing Thickener For Acid Dyes

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