Printing Emulsifier

The printing emulsifier is a kind high performance water-in oil emulsifier for printing stock paste. This nonionic emulsifier can improve sharpness of line and color value, as well as the improve fluidity of printing paste.

Printing Emulsifier Technical Index

ComponentFatty alcohol polyxyethylen ether
AppearanceMilky white or yellowish transparency liquid
Solid Content50±2%
Ph Value(25℃)7±0.5

Printing Emulsifier Features

Strong anti-electrolyte property. Has little impact on the viscosity of printing paste when adding ammonia sulfate, urea, sodium carbonate or reserve salt.

When making printing paste for reactive dyes with sodium alginate or other modified starch, adding some printing emulsifier, it can improve color yield, meanwhile reduce dosage of dyestuffs.

When making pigment printing thickener, adding some printing emulsifier, it can enhance color brightness and hand feeling. For some color, like black or white, it can avoid gelling problem.

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