Printing Binder

Pigment printing process with this binder is much simpler and much more convenient and cost-saving in comparison with reactive dyes printing process. Due to its remarkable performance with rich color value and vivid luster, sharp outline, extra soft hand feeling, fine filteration, screen choking free property, non-stick to blades, it can largely obtain the same satisfaction as received in reactive dyes printing. It is up to the main indexes of environmental protection required for international eco-friendly fabrics (easy in tinting and toning and save pigment paste).

Printing Binder Technical Index

AppearanceTranslucent liquid
CompositionHigh molecular polymer
Ionic PropertyAnionic
PH Value6~7

Printing Binder Features

Strong fixation ability & good fastness.

Rich color value and vivid luster, sharp outline.

Fine, screen choking free property, non-stick to blades.

High quantity & reasonable price.

Printed fabric achieves environmental protection requirement.

Extremely applicable for plush, blanket, carpet etc.

Printing Paste Formula

Printing thickener PTG1.0%-1.5%
Printing binder10%-20% (depends to actual situation)
Pigment pasteX%

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