Pigment Printing Thickener

An APEO and formaldehyde-free high concentration synthetic thickener for textile pigment printing. Printing pastes is producing more level and even prints, with higher color yield and brilliancy even on difficult to print fabrics such as single knits made with open-end yarns, and polyester-cotton woven fabrics.

Pigment Printing Thickener Technical Index

Componentacrylic polymers / polyacrylate emulsion
AppearanceMilky white viscous liquid.
Solid Content70±2%
Ph Value(25℃)7±0.5

Pigment Printing Thickener Features

High quality concentrated thickener. Low using dosage (1.0% - 1.5%).

Printing paste preparation is easy and rapid.

Ideal coverage, excellent brightness, and superior color value.

Excellent anti-electrolyte property and water-absorbing quality, compatible with most kinds of printing binder and pigment color paste.

Very clear printing outline, even printing on polyester woven fabric.

Excellent leveling and uniformity, Free from screen choking problem.

Suitable for all kinds of textile fabrics, like cotton, polyester or blended fabrics.

Suitable different printing techniques on the flat screen, rotary screen, and roller printing system, or hand printing.

Eco-friendly product. During the preparation and printing process, PTG does not release hazardous vapors of solvents to the environment.

Formula for Printing Paste Application

ProductPercentage %Remark
Printing Thickener PTG1.0% - 1.5%1.0% - 1.5% Adjust the viscosity of pigment
Printing Binder10% -15%Usage depends on quantity of pigment
Pigment color paste2%-5%Depends on required shade
Printing Emulsifier0%-1%Co-thickener to avoid bleeding problems

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