Pigment Color Paste

The water-based color paste produced by our company has high pigment content, strong tinting strength, and bright color, and is suitable for coloring various water-soluble systems. The fastness and chemical properties are stable, and the quality is stable and reliable. It has been widely used in printing and dyeing, knitting, towels, sheets, handkerchiefs, handicrafts, building interior walls, light chemical industry and other industrial fields.

Pigment Color Paste Technical Index

Main ingredientsorganic pigment, dispersant, water
Ionicanionic or non-ionic
PH value (25 ℃) 6-7
Particle size≤500 nm

Pigment Color Paste Features

Complete chromatography, bright color, high pigment content, strong tinting power, fine and uniform fineness. Has good fastness and chemical stability; stable quality, safe and reliable.

Widely applications, the pigment color paste can be printed on cotton, hemp viscose, polyester, polypropylene, neoprene and various woven fabrics. It can be printed on fur, wood, paper, artificial leather and other materials, and can be used for interior wall coating, cement, pulp and other water-based materials.

The pigment dispersion particles are uniformly distributed, have good dispersibility, and have good compatibility with a variety of water-soluble coatings (such as latex paints, water-based interior and exterior wall decorative coatings, etc.).

Pigment Color Paste Color Categories

YX-111Red FFGYX-206Orange FGR
YX-113Cerise FRBNYX-301Blue FFG
YX-115Bordeaux FR2BYX-303Turquoise Blue FGB
YX-116Red Violet FFRNYX-304Navy Blue FR
YX-118Pink FBRNYX-501Black FBRN
YX-202Medium Yellow FGYX-601Green FB
YX-205Bronze Yellow FGRYX-603Turquoise Green F4G
YX-221Light Yellow FGRYX-702Violet FFRN
YX-801Brown F2R

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