Foaming Agent

High Foaming Agent is suitable for handprint printing on plain woven cotton, T/C cloth, polyester and other blended fabrics.

Foaming Agent Technical Index

AppearanceLight yellow paste
Main ingredientsAcrylate copolymer
IonicAnionic and non-ionic
PH value (25 ℃)7-8
Viscosity160,000-180,000 CPS (BH type ROTARY NO. 6 / 10rpm 25 ℃)
Environmental protectionOKEO-TEX -100 standard

Foaming Agent Features

Continuous printing is not easy to cause mesh clogging problem, and the screen is easy to clean

The hand feel is soft, the flatness is good, and the foaming height is high

Washing fastness grade 3.5-4

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