Acid Printing Thickener

The acid printing thickener is a high-concentration, high-quality acid printing thickener is a polymer of acrylic monomers, is an anionic synthetic thickener, suitable for acid printing.

Acid Printing Thickener Technital Index

Printing thickener 6161.0%-1.5%
Printing binder10%-20% (depends to actual situation)
Pigment pasteX%

Acid Printing Thickener Features

High quality concentrated thickener. Low using dosage (1.2% - 1.5%).

Printing paste preparation is easy and rapid.

Ideal coverage, excellent brightness, and superior color value with soft hand feeling.

Excellent anti-electrolyte property and water-absorbing quality, with clear printing outline.

Excellent leveling and uniformity, Free from screen choking problem. Does not react with disperse and acid dyestuffs.

Eco-friendly product. During the preparation and printing process, YX-616T does not release hazardous vapors of solvents to the environment.

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