Printing Thickener

The printing thickener is a new generation polymeric thickener recommended for reactive printing on Rayon/cotton. It can be used as an ideal product substitution to sodium alginate or gum.

Acrylic Acid Polymer Synthetic Pigment Printing Thickener PTG
China textile pigment printing binder

Printing Binder

Pigment printing process with this binder is much simpler and much more convenient and cost-saving in comparison with reactive dyes printing process. Due to its remarkable performance with rich color value and vivid luster, sharp outline, extra soft hand feeling, fine filteration, screen choking free property, non-stick to blades, it can largely obtain the same satisfaction as received in reactive dyes printing. It is up to the main indexes of environmental protection required for international eco-friendly fabrics (easy in tinting and toning and save pigment paste).

Pigment Color Paste

The water-based color paste produced by our company has high pigment content, strong tinting strength, and bright color, and is suitable for coloring various water-soluble systems. The fastness and chemical properties are stable, and the quality is stable and reliable. It has been widely used in printing and dyeing, knitting, towels, sheets, handkerchiefs, handicrafts, building interior walls, light chemical industry and other industrial fields.

water based pigment color paste - red 800x600
factory supply printing emlusifier 800x600

Printing Emulsifier

The printing emulsifier is a kind high performance water-in oil emulsifier for printing stock paste. This nonionic emulsifier can improve sharpness of line and color value, as well as the improve fluidity of printing paste.

Bronzing Pulp

The bronzing paste is suitable for suitable for flat screen and rotary screen printing on blended fabrics such as plain woven cotton, T/C cloth, and polyester cloth.

bronzing paste for textile printing 800x600 1
water based High elastic White Rubber Paste for machine printing 800x600

Rubber Paste

The transparent rubber paste for Machine Printing is suitable for suitable for flat screen and rotary screen printing on blended fabrics such as plain woven cotton, T/C cloth, and polyester cloth.

Coating Paste

High-gloss coating paste is suitable for roller coating and dip printing of plain woven cotton fabric, T / C fabric, polyester fabric or plastic fake flower.

High-gloss Coating Paste for textile priting
foaming agent for textile manufacturer 800x600

Foaming Agent

High Foaming Agent is suitable for handprint printing on plain woven cotton, T/C cloth, polyester and other blended fabrics.

Glitter Paste

The glitter paste is suitable for all kinds of knitting, woven fabrics, gold and silver onions (gold and silver powder) printing. It has the characteristics of good oxidation resistance, good brightness after drying, good hand feeling, and resistance to washing with water. It can be washed in hot water for 120 minutes continuously, with low viscosity and excellent operating properties.

water based glitter paste for textile printing

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