Texcare Chem, a textile chemicals company, was found by Mr. Lee Hui in 2007. He worked from a normal worker on the production line, to team leader in a small chemical factory. Hui needed to visit many printing factories and fabric traders in Guangzhou or even Pearl River Delta. As the time goes by, his sincerity diligence was praiseworthy by customers.

Some of the old customers complained about the high price of imported raw material, unstable quality of domestic products, and they cannot produce vivid enough pattern to meet end customer needs sometime, then lost some orders. In order to help customers solve problems, Hui painstakingly studied printing technology, discussed with the technical team, learned raw material technology, etc. The team finally found additives and thickeners inadvertently The quality and dosage ratio will make the overall effect of the cloth unsatisfactory. After hundreds times experiment and failure, adjust formula by 0.1% slowly, and innovation creation, they finally created high quality product to meet customers’ requirement. Better product with more competitive price. In order to stabilize the market and pursue quality, Hui created Texcare Chemicals in 2007.

Texcare Chem believes that only focusing can make it go further, producing stable and high-quality products with fair prices, which makes the business relationship stronger in the long term. Consulting and cooperating with the polymer material-technical engineers, Texcare Chem continuously developed R&D at the cost of 3 million yuan. And now, with the core products of all kinds of printing thickener, Texcare Chem develops new product lines of printing binder series, printing emulsifier series, rubber paste series, coating paste series, etc. In the printing thickener field, the cost performance of synthetic thickeners is more competitive than 90% of products on the market.

In the future, Texcare Chem will continue to provide customers with reliable products and technical services. Texcare Chem is dreaming becomes a world-class supplier of printing and dyeing auxiliaries, and fight for it all the time. Texcare Chem looks forward to cooperate with partners around the world, especially India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Vietnam, etc.

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